Vegar Vårdal, Nuala Kennedy, Frode Haltli

Formed in 2009, Snowflake Trio features Norwegians Frode Haltli on accordion and Vegar Vårdal on hardangerviolin and violin, as well as Irish musician Nuala Kennedy on flute, whistles and vocals.

Just as each snowflake is different, so each Snowflake Trio concert varies from the one before. Three musicians who had an instant rapport; Snowflake Trio’s music is strongly rooted in the traditional music of Norway and Ireland but is also open ended; improvisatorial flair and spontaneously expressive moments rub shoulders with rhythmical old jigs and reels from Ireland, Halling and Waltzes from Norway as well as contemporary compositions.

Festival appearances include Skeitreffen Festival, Norway. Celtic Connections International Festival, Glasgow. Telemarkfestivalen, Norway. Celtic Colours International Festival, Canada. Nordsjøfestivalen, Norway. And the Riksscenen, Norwegian Hub for Traditional Music and Dance, Oslo.


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